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Chicken Coops

Open-air, Walk-in Combination Custom Chicken Coop & Run


  • Coop includes roost, "poop board" for easy clean-up, nesting box table, ramps and spring-loaded hinged door & locking latch

  • Hand-crafted out of redwood to last

  • Includes site visit, custom coop build, materials, installation and chicken how-to advice

An open-air, walk-in henhouse is the best option for happy chickens:


  • A coop and run area combined in one location allows guilt-free, simplified care... no need to let out in the morning and put in again at night if you’re not able to do so! 

  • The open-air design is perfect for Southern California, keeping chickens cool year-round while providing shelter in seasonal weather.

  • Standing-height allows owners to walk in – ideal access for easy care (no stooping!) and socialize with their chickens (get inside and get to know your chicks, they’ll love you more for it)

  • Happy, friendly chickens = lots of fresh eggs!


We can design a coop that will work in your space and look great.

The Coop de Ville

5' wide x 8' deep, 6'.6" tall


The Townhouse

Run is 5' wide x 8' deep, House is 4' x 4', 6'.6" tall

$4,499 *Windows may cost extra

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.49.29

The Coop de Ville

IMG_4774 2.jpg

The Townhouse

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