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What We Do:

California Native/Drought Tolerant Landscapes


Our services include design and installation of drought tolerant gardens, rain gardens, pollinator gardens, and automated drip irrigation systems. 


Urban Farms


We design and install edible gardens - raised beds and in-ground. Every job starts with an in-person consultation; we come to your yard and help you pick the ideal space for your garden and design a custom-bed that fits your exact needs and aesthetic. Our services include building and installing the garden bed, adding rich organic soil – and most importantly, helping you pick the crops that are right for the season and teaching you how to make them flourish.


For those interested in fresh backyard eggs, we also consult on chicken care and specialize in building and installing custom-designed, open-air chicken coops for happy hens.


Drip Irrigation 


We highly recommend automated drip irrigation systems for vegetable and landscape gardening; it’s water-wise and takes the chore out of keeping your plants beautiful and healthy. We’ll install an easy-to-use system that works with your existing plumbing and will teach you how to use it too.


So, whether you want to be more in touch with nature, experiment with sustainability, reduce your produce bill, or interested in getting to know your food source or want to conserve water in the garden, let us show you how!

















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