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Edible Gardens - Raised Beds & In-ground

Redwood Raised Planters can be customized to fit any space and needs.

The price for in-ground gardens will be dertermined after a free site visit. Automated Drip Irrigation is priced separately. 



Each size includes:

  • 100% Organic planting soil

  • Hand-selected seasonal vegetable seedlings based on customer preference, planting and consultation


Portable Redwood Beds, 2'x4', 16" depth, 1&1/2 inch thick,

4" rubber castor locking wheels, easy to move, built to last!

2'x4'x16" Hand-crafted Redwood Raised Bed

4'x4'x11" or 3’x5’x11” Hand-crafted Redwood Raised Bed

4'x8'x11" Hand-crafted Redwood Raised Bed

4'x10'x11" Hand-crafted Redwood Raised Bed

Whiskey Barrel

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